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CnC Notes

This is a Collection of notes on my adventures in CnC.

I am new to this, but have experience with 3d cad, electronics, robotics, microcontrollers and code - so I should be able to get what I want out of it. License


CC BY SA 3.0

Starting Point

I have intended to buy or build a Cnc device for years - a 3d printer, laser cutter, lathe or router. A device where I can design things and let the computer do the work of turning it into a prototype.

I finally took the decision to buy one after seeing a couple of Ben Heck episodes where he used laser cutters, cnc mills and 3d printers to awesome things.

I went looking around for something I could afford and use. I considered GoCNC who have inexpensive machines, but after reading CnC forums, the 3020 type machines are better known. So I bought one of these for less than £500.

It arrived a few days later - requiring some assembly - attaching the stepper motors. It came with a large control box.